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Adding MemTest86 to Grub instruction page missing info

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  • Richard (PassMark)
    You might of overlooked Step 1, Create a boot image from the MemTest86 zip file, in the guide. In this step, you are to create a temporary directory and then mount the image to that directory.

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  • Adding MemTest86 to Grub instruction page missing info

    Hi Team,
    hope you are all safe and sound.

    I tried to add the MemTest86 to Grub on my laptop, but got stuck at step 2. Copy the boot image from the temporary drive to the system EFI partition.

    The instruction requires the copying of /EFI/BOOT directory to the system’s EFI boot directory:

    Now, copy the locally created /EFI/BOOT directory to your system’s EFI boot directory using the following command:
    However, it fails to mention how the directory is created in the first place. And I believe that is why the terminal throws the error:

    cp: cannot stat '~Downloads/memtest-temp/EFI/BOOT/': No such file or directory.
    Let me know if I overlooked something. Cheers!