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Corsair Rams, Errors in Test10

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  • Corsair Rams, Errors in Test10

    Hi, I have a problem of random coded Bsod so I decided to run memtest to check my rams. This random coded Bsods happened like 1 year ago and I found out my previous rams corrupted by again using memtest (even Windows' own memory tool gave error back then).

    Most of the time before the Bsod the game I am playing or the current tab opened in firefox crashes then in short period of time Bsod with random code happens.

    So with this new set of ram I ran memtest 2 times. In the first run memtest did not find any error but in the second run it found 1956 errors in Test 10. Intel says this -> .

    So does this means this set of rams also gone or not? I have the .html report saved if it needed. Also I am using Corsair / CMK16GX4M2E3200C16 rams and Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 and using Bios F14 .


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    Either the html report or log file for Memtest86 would help:

    Start with this page for more on troubleshooting:


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      Since .html files are not allowed I am uploading the screenshot of it. Cannot upload log file right now because it exceeds the limit. Can provide link to it if it s needed. Also just got another Bsod with Memory Management code just now.
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        Has your system always had these blue screens?

        Can you try running with a single stick at a time and see if one or the other is faulty?

        Maybe also try updating to the latest BIOS?

        EDIT: yes, meant running memtest86


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          I had this pc ~4 years ago. Never had any issue till last year. My pc suddenly crashed while I am playing game. After the few more crash I couldnt boot the windows anymore and it turns out to be the rams are corrupted (both builtin memory checker and memtest found lots of errors). So I bought my current rams.

          Had few more Bsod after the new rams installed but after that nothing happened until last few days.

          By running I guess you are suggesting the memtest. I will try that too and wrote here. Did not had time to do that yet.


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            Hi again, I have tested each stick 1 time with memtest and no error detected. Did not have time to do multiple run since each run tooks 2h. I will update BIOS soon but wanted to see the responses from here and Bsod question on Microsoft Community.


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              Definitely looks like a hardware problem of some sort. Do you have any overclocking/XMP applied to the memory? If so, try disabling with both sticks installed and run memtest.