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MemTest Pro: how to stop system (or analyze report) after a failure test?

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  • MemTest Pro: how to stop system (or analyze report) after a failure test?

    we have configured Grub to automatically execute MemTest with EXITMODE parameter set to 2. In this way, MemTest execute and when finished the execution came back to Grub that launch a Linux OS.
    What we want to do is stop the launch of the Linux OS if MemTest fails.
    How can we do that? May be MemTest can be configured to NOT EXIT in case of failure?
    Or, we can parse the binary report but we have not found any documentations on how the file is created.
    Have you some suggestion?
    Thanks and best regards,

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    Can't you parse the HTML report looking for errors?
    That would seem easier than looking at a binary file.


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      Hello David,
      thanks for your answer!

      To be more precise, we run MemTest automatically every time the PC is restarted, via Grub.
      So, when MemTest finishes the RAM analysis the control returns to Grub which launches the boot of a Linux distribution.

      What we would like to do is block the Linux distribution from starting if MemTest detects errors.

      How can we do?
      If MemTest in case of errors stops without exiting, thus blocking Grub, it would be perfect for us but unfortunately we have no failed RAM to use to simulate what happens if MemTest detects errors.

      Can you confirm us if MemTest stops without exiting in case of errors?

      The alternative is to check the report created by MemTest but given the scripting limitations of grub, parsing the HTML is probably not feasible, so we thought of using the bin.

      If you have any suggestions on how to reach our goal, they are very welcome.

      Best regards,