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Can Micron RDIMM SPD Data be read with Pro Ver.?

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  • Can Micron RDIMM SPD Data be read with Pro Ver.?


    We are looking for a way to read the SPD data of the following URL of Micron MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G1A2 DDR4-2133 RDIMM on the PC.

    We tried using MemTest86 Free Ver., But could only partially read the SPD data.
    Can we read all the SPD content(byte 0-352) at the above URL using MemTest86 Pro Ver.?
    Is it possible to read all the SPD contents of the above URL on the 2nd/3rd gen. Xeon platform?

    Thank you,

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    There is no difference between the Pro and Free version in terms of reading SPD data.

    Also the ability to read of the SPD data depends more on the CPU and motherboard BIOS than the actual RAM stick.


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      Thank you for your reply.

      In Free Ver, the message "Additional RAM SPD info available only in Pro" is displayed.
      What kind of info. Can we read specifically?

      We want to know what "Additional RAM SPD" refers to.
      Is there a sample of "Additional RAM SPD info"?
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        Yes, sorry. My answer was not very complete. In terms of the technical ability to "read", the data there no difference.

        But the Pro version does have a couple of additional screens that display some of the more obscure values, like tRFC2, tRFC4 timings, XMP profiles etc..
        (basically whatever data is available on the system in question, but that vary from one system to the next)

        Here is one of the screens
        Click image for larger version  Name:	MemTest86-V6-DDR4-SPD.png Views:	0 Size:	6.4 KB ID:	52086


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          We appreciate your answer.

          We were considering purchasing Pro Ver. If we could read more detailed SPD Data content.
          However, we understand that the SPD Data content that can be read by MemTest86 is basically the same between Free Ver. And Pro Ver.

          Thank you,


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            Should be OK, but don't want to promise anything as the way your motherboard is setup and the RAM SPD data itself is out of our control.

            There is also this Windows tool to read SPD data. If this Windows tool works, then there is much better chance that MemTest86 can also read the same data.


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              Thank you for your additional info..

              In fact, we have already tried RAMMon.
              We will consider further if there is any other way.

              Thank you for all the advice.

              We want to close this case.

              Thank you,