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MemTest86 10.1 Test 14 Not Working

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  • MemTest86 10.1 Test 14 Not Working

    I downloaded the new 10.1 version of MemTest86 (Pro Version). I used the ImageUSB program that comes with it to make the USB drive to boot MemTest86 with. USB drive is 8gig. However, when I boot from the USB drive and run MemTest86 and try to run Test 14 DMA Test I get an error message:

    Cannot Enable test, DMA test partition not found

    Seems the ImageUSB program is not making the DMA test partition like it did in version 10.0. Tried the Extend/Add Partition option and it did make another partition, but Test 14 DMA test still does work.

    Thank you for your time

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    The DMA Test Partition isn't in the image file for 10.1 (I use the free version, but I believe it's the same). The DMA Test Partition appears to require to be Partition #3, start at 512MiB on the disk (sector 1048576) and be 1048543 sectors big (ending at 209711 and have the volume id of 50415353-2A40-4503-B2F7-474E00EBFBAA. You can manually create these using gdisk in Ubuntu Linux; I don't know how to make partitions with specific sectors and specific volume ids in Windows or MacOS.

    If they ever choose to fix this, it would be really nice to make the transfer partition size just be a factor of 2^n instead of a fixed 2^29, start at any sector on the disk, not hard-code the volume id (but hard code the partition name), and use a partition with a single file in it, consuming the entire partition and probably with the partition hidden flag set.


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      Yes, looks like we broke it with the V10.1 release. Opps.
      Probably due to the attempt to make the entire disk image smaller (to allowed older USB flash drives to be used).

      We'll get it fixed shortly.


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        Thanks for looking into it. Looking forward to fixed release.


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          We've re-released the V10.1 package and the Test#14 should be OK now.

          (software itself hasn't changed, just the disk image install package)


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            New image works fine, DMA test is working. Seems that when the program creates the usb drive it makes a separate partition for the DMA testing. However, this partition seems to be unformatted. so Windows keeps popping wanting to format the partition (at least right after the usb drive is created or every time you plug it in when in Windows). Is it possible to format that partition so Windows don't keep nagging about? Not a big deal, just a question. Thanks for fixing the problem so quickly.