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Black screen before splash page

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  • Black screen before splash page

    Ubuntu is installed on a 2014 MacMini, and I want to test the memory. I've not been able to get Memtest86+ (latest to run.

    I followed the directions to create a USB, and to add it to Grub. Both paths lead to the same result: A black screen without a memtest page being shown.

    I did not get any errors when creating the USB, but when trying to update Grub, I continue to get this message: "Memtest86+ needs a 16-bit boot, that is not available in EFI, exiting". But, unless I've gooned both sets of directions (USB and Grub), I've installed the correct Memtest86 version, right?

    In reading this site, might the issue be the screen resolution? Per Gnome, I've got a resolution (4K TV) of 3840x2160 @30.00 Hz. The FAQ here seems to indicate I can provide a fixed resolution in the config, but I don't understand where the `blacklist.cfg` file is located when the Memtest doesn't seem to start. Nor am I convinced that is the issue.

    Suggestions on next steps/fix please.


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    Disregard. I see now the thread started by MountainBee, and I downloaded the beta and it is running.


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      Note that Memtest86+ is not our software.

      Might be related to this issue:

      Can you try this build: