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memtest86-4.3.7 with 5 errors

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  • memtest86-4.3.7 with 5 errors

    I have memtest86-4.3.7, since my computer is old. I just ran a test for 16 hours and got 5 errors, testing all my 8 gigs of RAM. Here's a pic of what it looked like. I then hit ESC, and it started to reboot, I removed my USB and then put it back in right away. I have no log on my USB. Are there logs somewhere on my WIN 10 computer, or is this pic enough. Should I be concerned or is this acceptable?
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    V4 is now a very old version of the software. There was no logging in V4.

    Yes, you should be concerned. It looks like the RAM is bad.


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      Should I test each RAM stick by itself to find the culprit? How many hours should I go? I'm pretty sure that the 5 errors showed up in the first 5 hours with no more errors after that. What kind of problems should I expect with errors like this?


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        Even one error is bad.
        See this page to start with

        What kind of problems should I expect with errors like this?
        Anything and everything is possible.
        App crashes, data corruption, spreadsheet calculations getting the wrong results, visual glitches on the screen, CRC errors, data re-transmission, BSOD, machine fails to boot, or maybe if you get lucky no noticeable effect at all.