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Test 10 failed + bsods

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  • Test 10 failed + bsods

    Hello, ive built a new computer few days ago, gigabyte z790, i5-13600kf and ddr5 5600

    im having blue screens Memory Management and pagefault in non paged area for most of them.

    I sent my ram back and receive the new sticks today, still having the same problems.
    I tried JEDEC and XMP and tweaking a bit the voltages, but still the bsods and memtest errors (even if its seems that with higher voltage i have less bsods)
    I tried fresh windows installation, chkdsk, and a lot of other things i found on the internet, but im running out of options ...

    do you have any idea where that can come from ?

    Thank you very much

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    Are the new sticks the exact same Corsair make and model?

    There is another very recent post here, also with errors in Test #10 and also with same Corsair RAM sticks.
    Conclusion in that other post was that there was some systematic issue with some Corsair sticks (model CMK64GX5M2B5600C40) causing them to fail the bit fade test.

    Just speculation: Could be badly programmed refresh rate setting in SPD data.

    Can you borrow some non-Corsair sticks to try?

    Similar issues on the web


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      Hi, yes same model, and it appears that it is exactly the same model as the guy in the other post... thanks for the answer ill try and see if i can get a refund