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Mem86 test freezes halfway through test

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  • Mem86 test freezes halfway through test

    Hi and thanks for any help.

    I have one of the Topton 6 port mini-pcs from AliExpress. I've had unit now about 5 years. Recently unit has been freezing on me so I decided to test RAM as I remember I had an issue when I first purchased the device having 2 separate Micron RAM DIMMs found to be bad by Mem86 testing.

    RAM DIMMS are 16gb. Individually running the Mem86 14 point test, there are no errors on either sodium DIM, however when both RAM modules are within their sockets (total of 32gb), the mem86 tests freeze somewhere between test 4-8. I've run the tests on each DIMM module separately and even run the test plugging the individual module into either of the two sockets and I don't get a reported error.

    Just wondering if anyone recommends another step I can try. I have 3 topton units (the other 2 are much newer) and all 3 have two 16gb RAM modules and on the other two units the mem86 tests complete without error when both ram DIMMS are within their respective sockets.

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    Certainly suspicious that both Windows and MemTest86 freeze.

    General trouble shooting steps can be found here

    From the page:
    Most memory systems nowadays operate in multiple channel mode in order to increase the transfer rate between the RAM modules and the memory controller. It is recommended that modules with identical specifications (ie. "matching modules") when running in multi-channel mode. Some motherboards also have compatibility issues with certain brand/models of RAM when running in multi-channel mode.

    When you see errors while running MemTest86 with multiple RAM modules installed, but not when they are tested individually, it is likely that the multi-channel configuration is the culprit. This could be due to mismatched RAM specifications, or simply using brands/models of RAM that is incompatible with the motherboard. Most motherboard vendors release a list of known compatible RAM models that have been tested to work with your motherboard. Replace the modules with a matching set of known good ones and see if you get better results.

    Behaviour can be different with multiple sticks of RAM as there is additional current draw and load on the memory controller and additional EMI (electromagnetic interference).

    I'd initially try swapping the RAM sticks with some know good ones. Turning off XMP might also help, if you are using that.​


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      Hey thanks for the advice. I ordered some new RAM sticks and I'll see if this works. I really have no idea what modules are recommended with the motherboard. The Topton unit hasn't been sold for awhile and getting help with AliExpress units is really difficult -- I'm kind of rolling my own. I suppose if the new modules don't work I'll have to just upgrade to new hardware. The current RAM is matched however I don't know about the compatibility.