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OSForensics - V0.84 beta now available

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  • David (PassMark)
    There will be another beta release next week. It will fix up some performance and functionality bugs with the internal viewer, add more information to the recent activity dump, and fix up a few other bugs.

    We are still working on some major new functionality including automated data caving, a raw sector viewer and maybe some password cracking functions.

    Plus we really need to get it into the hands of more people for testing.

    So the V1 release is at least a few months away yet.

    Pricing is also up in the air. There will be some type of free option (this is might be just keeping the final beta as a free release, or it might be a long free trial of the full software).

    Pricing for the full package will be well under $900 / license. But above $100 / license. Big range I know.

    I might start a new thread on pricing.

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  • hitman
    Final Release and Cost

    I really like OSForensics as well as some of the other tools you offer. Do you have any idea of the planned final release date as well as what type of pricing structure will be offered? I have been using Helix for years but now that Access Data has purchased e-fense they are not going to continue with the project and there are a lot of use looking for a replacement down the road. OSForensics has a lot to offer.

    I am looking at some of you other products and such as OSFMount, OSFClone, and ImageUSB. I have been doing some playing around with the applications and have created the OSFClone on my USB drive then after that was complete I then made a directory for OSForensics, this way I have the tools with me that I need when responding to an incident, I can either boot off the drive to image or it the system is running I can then just run OSForensics to get the live data. The less I need to carry the better when traveling by air.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to any updates to the product line.

    CyberCon Security Solutions, LLC

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  • David (PassMark)
    started a topic OSForensics - V0.84 beta now available

    OSForensics - V0.84 beta now available

    Version 0.84 Beta - 29th of November 2010

    Changes include.

    • Redesigned create index module into a wizard. It is now much more user friendly.
    • The indexing process should also now be more reliable with a number of bug fixes and other assorted improvements.
    • Recent activity module can now retrieve saved passwords from Firefox (where the user is not using a master password).
    • Upgraded removable drive to also allow for drive zeroing
    • Made a change to the indexing process to better support Thunderbird mail files.
    • Fixed issue with dates from emails in mbox files.
    • Fixed Index searching when dealing with non English characters.
    • OSF now saves last window size.
    • Updated start page descriptions and icons.
    • Re-arranged left panel.
    • Deleted files search now applies filters on when clicking the search button as well as the apply filter button.

    The new release can be downloaded here.