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OSFMount V1.4 release

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  • OSFMount V1.4 release

    OSFMount V1.4 release

    OSFMount is a free tool that allows disk images to be mounted into Windows with a drive letter and also create RAM drives.

    OSFMount V1.4 has been released today with additional support for more image file formats. The list of supported formats is now,

    Raw Image (.IMG, .DD)
    Raw CD Image (.ISO, .BIN)
    Split Raw Image (.00n)
    Nero Burning ROM Image (.NRG)
    System Deployment Image (.SDI)
    Advanced Forensics Format Images (AFF)
    Advanced Forensics Format Images w/ meta data (AFM)
    VMWare Image (.VMDK)

    Images can also be converted between formats (for raw images and AFF images).

    The release is available for both 32bit and 64bit Windows.

    Download link

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    A couple of suggestions:

    I should be able to mount files with arbitrary extensions (without having to rename them). eg my floppy image was DISKIMG3.DAT.

    It would have been even better if I could have dragged the file icon onto the main window (or other drop site).


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      Thanks for the suggestion.
      I assumed it worked OK after you renamed the .DAT file?
      The file extensions to serve some purpose, as they are used to have a guess at the image format.
      With what tool did you make the image with? Was it a raw disk image?


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        I was testing to see whether mount worked as expected with floppy disk (FAT) images - it did. The floopy disk image was supplied as a part of the installer for my favourite partition tool BootItNG. AFAIK it is a raw image (1,474,560 bytes) and gets written to the floppy by their installer.