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OSForensics - V0.88 beta now available

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  • OSForensics - V0.88 beta now available

    Version 0.88 of OSForensics has been released. This is a substantial release with bug fixes and new functionality.
    • External documents can now be attached and included into case reports.
    • Can now sort images by foreground or background color in file search.
    • Can now perform file carving in the deleted files window, finding deleted files that no longer have any associated file table entries.
    • Recent Activity scan now threaded so other actions can be performed while the scan is going.
    • Fixed a potential issue where the recent activity can could end up in an infinite loop.
    • Can now recover browser bookmarks in recent activity module.
    • Indexing file size limitation no longer apply to container files such as zip and pst. (Files within containers are still subject to the limit)
    • Can now import the National Software Reference Library (NSRL) data set as a hash database. See this post for more details.
    • Invalid character checking on case creation fixed
    • OSF will now launch as admin by default, however there is a start menu option to launch as non elevated admin. Admin permissions are required for operations like recovering deleted files. But it is important that the software can still run on systems where the administrator's password is not available.
    • System information window now shows more memory information.
    • Threaded document loading for the internal text viewer. (with cancel button for large documents)
    • Case sensitive checkbox for text search in the internal text viewer.
    • Possible fix for text search on unallocated sector in internal viewer, which was previously very slow.
    • Internal Text Viewer GUI fixes
    • Fixed resize issue when minimizing/maximizing internal HEX viewer.
    • Indexing process no longer tries to index the files it is creating.
    • Fixed a DPI issue on the start page.
    • Added functionality to search and filter files by NTFS streams (based on the number and size of the stream)