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Overview of OSForensics on Tips and Tricks for PC

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  • Overview of OSForensics on Tips and Tricks for PC

    Tips and Tricks for PC have posted an informative overview of OSForensics.

    Here is an excerpt:

    "OSForensics is a new digital investigation tool which lets you extract forensic data or uncover hidden information from computers.

    OSForensics has a number of unique features which make the discovery of relevant forensic data even faster, such as high-performance deep file searching and indexing, e-mail and e-mail archive searching and the ability to analyze recent system activity and active memory. OSForensics can build and let you view an events timeline which shows you the context and time of activities. You can even recover data and files that have been deleted by users! OSForensics comes with a built-in file viewer which lets you examine a file contents, properties and meta-data, as well as an e-mail viewer which is compatible with most popular mail client formats."

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