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OSForensics - V0.89 beta now available

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  • OSForensics - V0.89 beta now available

    OSForensics V0.89 has been released, 16th of February 2011.
    This is another substantial release with bug fixes and new functionality.

    • Added raw disk viewer with Perl style regular expression searching (i.e grep).
    • Can now specify a default drive to perform actions on as part of the case.
    • Fixed memory handle leak when searching for alternate streams.
    • Fixed opening a files location where the file exists in a folder with a comma
    • Indexing process now skips known file types that are deselected when choosing to index unknown file types.
    • Fixed bug in advanced index configuration not allowing max file size less than 2GB
    • Can now view alternate streams in internal viewer
    • Fixed progress bar being wrong by a factor of 10 during the hashing stage of signature creation.
    • Fixed a bug preventing some files from being opened from the index log.
    • Added progress bar to indexing status window.
    • Added maximum number of files to index status window.
    • Improved some indexing failure error messages.
    • Fixed incorrect counting of .dbx files in some instances during indexing pre-scan.
    • Indexing process by default now excludes '.zdat' files (index files)
    • Fixed bug with indexing Outlook .msg files.
    • Fixed bug with missing from and to addresses for some HTML emails from .pst files.
    • Max file size indexed is now determined by the amount of RAM in the system rather than the largest file on disk.
    • File search no longer shows folder when limits on streams are set.
    • Can now sort by number and size of streams in File Search.
    • Index search now shows an indication when context has been truncated.
    • Fixed minor bug that would re-enable the controls in the deleted files search before the search was completed if the user browsed to another window and back.
    • Add ability to stop the deleted file search while running.
    • Fixed crash when closing the internal file viewer while a large file was being loaded into the text viewer.
    • Case management item list now shows the date the item was added.
    • Renaming indexes in the case management window now correctly updates the names in the search index window.
    • Fixed crash in recent activity search when limiting by date range.
    • Minor improvements to NSRL import speed.