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  • Hash Sets install folder

    I am now running 0.92 Build: 1000 (64-bit) of OSF. I was trying to install the hash sets from the download page but having no luck. The directory listed on the site for installing hash sets is not there. I have C:\Program Files\OSForensics, I tried putting in a hashsets directory but no luck. I confirmed that I could view all protected and hidden directories. I also tried to import them through the Hash Sets tab but it will only look for csv files.

    BTW: this is a great product and cannot wait for the final release.

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    Hash set install folder

    On Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008, this would typically be the following folder,

    On XP and Server 2000/2003, it is typically something like this:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PassMark\OSForensics\hashSets

    Important note #1: In Win7 you may need to enable viewing of hidden directories to see it or enter the full path directly into the Explorer address bar. Win7 treats people like idiots and hides some important folders by default.

    Important note #2: If you are not doing a desktop install and running from a USB drive, then see this post for details of installing hash sets to a USB drive setup.


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      Thanks that was it.