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  • Open Source?

    What is open source without available source-code? Closed source!

    So did you just mislabel OSFMount and OSFClone or have I not been able to find the download-links. I have search thoroughly, though.

    Would be nice if you could clear up some things.


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    On the OSFMount page we make no mention of open source. We state that it is free software. But free doesn't mean open source. Maybe you are confused?

    For OSFClone, all the code we have written in is clear text in download package (i.e. our source code is in the download package). We have stated it is open source, and it is. But there is no a separate download for just the source code. There are also links to the bottom of the page to public packages we have have used like Perl.

    We didn't modify the 3rd party packages like Perl, etc... But if you can't get access to the source code for Perl, Tiny Core Linux, etc.. from their main web sites we can supply a copy of the source code of the version we used, just let me know.