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Is the demo restricted in file sizes

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  • David (PassMark)
    There is no hard limit. But there will be limits due to available RAM and disk space on your machine.

    If you want to send us the zipped up log from the indexing session we can take a look.

    Information about your hardware and the exact error message(s) would also be useful.

    We suggest using a 64bit system with at least 4GB of RAM if you are indexing 100's of GB of data.

    Another option is to build several smaller indexes. e.g. build 1 index with just the E-mails, then one with just images, then one with just office documents. The overall indexing time will be about the same.

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  • moody
    started a topic Is the demo restricted in file sizes

    Is the demo restricted in file sizes

    As a real test of the software - I tried to get it to index 600Gb of PST,word, excel, powerpoint, tif and PDF documents from a case I am working. It bombs out - says it can't complete the index.