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New beta release of OSForensics V0.99d

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  • New beta release of OSForensics V0.99d

    We released Beta V0.99d today.

    We know. It is a bit of a silly version number, but we ran out of numbers after V0.99.

    Anyway there are lots of good things in this release, and we are getting close to the initial V1.0 release now.

    What's new in Version V0.99d (and 0.99c) Betas - 29th of July 2011

    • Index Search history functionality added.
    • Added thumbnail for loading video files.
    • Index bulk search functionality added, plus some example files of dirty words.
    • Internal viewer can now play audio/video files.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to internal viewer.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts to many of the results lists.
    • Changed report export to allow multiple report types, added ability to select output location.
    • Added more report tags (organisation, contact details, timezone, default drive, case folder)
    • Fixed a bug where 40bit encryption would not start correctly if a root folder was selected (eg c:\)
    • Fixed registry signature comparison.
    • Added Raw Disk Viewer Bookmark functionality.
    • Some Rainbow Table UI problems fixed.
    • Default Rainbow Table format has been changed from .RT to .RTC for compression.
    • Rainbow Table Recovery now supports both .RT and .RTC files.
    • OSFMount updated.

    You can get it from here,