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raw disc image from iPhone using OS Clone?

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  • raw disc image from iPhone using OS Clone?

    Hello everyone!

    I want to know if it is possible to use OS Clone to get raw disc image of my iPhone. Is that possible? And if yes, how do I do it? I have tried to follow the steps:
    * I burned iso-image to CD.
    * I restarted computer and booted from CD.
    * But when trying to choose which drive to get image from, I only found a partition of my hard drive. I did an image of that "drive"(cause I did not know if it might be my iPhone), but it did not seem to be the right one.

    So my question is if I am supposed to restart computer and boot with OS Clone to be able to get a raw disc image from my iPhone. If yes, then how do I find my iPhone drive? What options should I choose?

    And if no, how do I get the raw disc image from my iPhone? Do I need to some how make iPhone boot from OS Clone? If so, how do I do that?

    I will be very happy for any information you might have, as I am desperate to get my photos back.

    I thank you in advance! Have a great day!

    Friendly greetings to you all!

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    I read it some where.

    I want to explain that in my some what desperate search for ways to get my lost photos and contact information, I read about OS Clone. As I understood it, it can be used to create an raw disc image of an iPhone. But maybe I am wrong, and I am in a totally wrong forum. In that case sorry for that.


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      OSFClone will not be able to access the disk image on the IPhone.


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        Thank you Richard! I came across OS Clone in my search for a solution, and thought it could help me. But thanks for clearing that for me Richard.

        So now it is back to the drawingboard, trying to get my data back.

        Have a great day everyone!