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Save RamDrive to image via CLI

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  • Save RamDrive to image via CLI

    VIA the CLI, you can create a RAM backed drive, preloaded with an image file. How can you, VIA the CLI, save the changes to that drive back to the image file? I was looking for a save & dismount option, but was only available in the GUI.


    I create a 1GB RamDrive (Z, preloaded with RD.img
    Read & Write some data to Z: creating several new files
    Save changed state of drive back to RD.img via CLI


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    There is no command line option for saving. In the current software, you can only do it from the GUI.


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      Thanks David. Any plans on extending the CLI to add this extremely useful feature? Alternatively, what other programs can create images that are compatible with OSFMount? I may be able to cobble this together using a 3rd party program to save the image first. Though, at the moment, the only program I see with a CLI capable of this isn't under development and hasn't been updated since 2009.


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        No plans for an update at the moment. If it was important for someone we would be happy to do it as paid custom development for a customer.
        But I assume that when you say it would be extremely useful, you don't mean useful enough that you would consider paying for the development effort.

        We aren't aware of any other software that does this, but on the other hand it isn't an area we have researched.