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Virtual USB device?

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  • Virtual USB device?

    It would be awesome if OSFMount had the option of presenting a virtual USB (flash) device... I was hoping the removable HDD option would do the trick, but it appears not - any plans to add that kind of functionality? I do a lot of work in VMs, and some firmware update tools only have an option of creating a bootable USB device in order to apply updates. It's painful to have to use physical media attached to a physical machine all the time for that kind of stuff!

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    We aren't sure how virtual machines identify available USB devices. But I do know some don't support them at all. It might be that they do direct hardware access to enumerate the devices. So it might not to technically possible to make a virtual device on the host that is visible to the guest VM.
    Don't really know.

    If the current virtual drives aren't being picked up at the moment, then I don't think there is a trivial solution.


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      HI David,

      I didn't really explain that clearly... the all the current functionality of OSFMount is working fine in a VM . What I was wondering, is the capability for OSFMount to emulate a USB flash disk (doesnt matter whether OSFMount is running on a physical or virtual).

      So for example, I could run OSFMount and create a RAM backed USB flash disk, then run ImageUSB and create and image of it (not that there would be any point in doing that, but just so you know what i mean).

      Currently, if you present a virtual removable HDD via OSFMount and then run ImageUSB, ImageUSB will not detect the device as a valid source / target (nor will any other program I have that looks for a USB flash disk to write to, and I'm doing this on a physical machine). I'm not a low level coder, but I would've thought adding that kind of device emulation wouldn't be too far from what you have implemented already with the virtual removable HDD?