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  • Add Search Results to Report

    After completing an index search, using a word list file, I right click on the list and select "Display search results & add to case" - the files are added to the report, but "Index Search" is not populated in the report.
    How do I populate "Index Search" in the report?

    Thank you.

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    This is the current behavior prior to OSForensics V5, when using History Tab in the Search Index module to add items to the case with "Display Search Results & Add to Case..." right-click option, it will switch to the "Files" tab and add all the items to the current case. If you need to add the list of Search Results, you would need to right-click on any item in the "Files" tab and choose "Add results to Case".

    We'll likely change the behavior in V5 as it is not ideal when adding multiple selected entries in the search history to the case. In V5, the Search Results list will be added to case along with the matching files.