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Using rainbow tables to generate windows logon password.

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  • Using rainbow tables to generate windows logon password.

    I have followed the these steps.

    Load OS Forensics.
    Installed the lm, and md5 rainbow tables.
    I added the folders containing the tables, and hit Refresh. They are visable and selectable.
    I selected the table by putting a check mark next to it.
    I created output file password.txt to save results. (Chose option (Select File)
    As soon as I hit Recover Passwords it automatically says finished.

    It is though it has done nothing.

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    I think you are doing it wrong.

    I suspect you have the wrong set of rainbow tables and the file you are calling an output file is in fact a input file. The input file needs to contain a list of passwords hashes to search for.

    Where did you get the rainbow tables from?

    In the next day we'll post a tutorial giving a step by step process to recover the windows login passwords.


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      There is a tutorial for windows login password recovery available on the OSForensics website.

      Did your password file contain any LM-HASH values or did it only contain the NT-HASH values?