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    I appreciate all the work you guys have done to support this product. Unfortunately, OSForensics has proven to be a bit too unreliable and buggy for use as a forensics product. I really like your concept in simplifying the process with easy to follow steps and simple results. I spent 12 years at my last job using a very complicated and expensive forensics program for more nit-and-gritty investigating, but the current application seemed to be right in your wheelhouse - mining already gathered data for specific patterns and intelligence.

    Unfortunately, the RegEx issues combined with a few crashes, some commands not responding at all, and the filter export only listing information and counts without locations or other contextual data have made us decide to look elsewhere for our limited use case.

    Again, I appreciate your time and effort in supporting our testing process.


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      Hmmm. I thought the RegEx issue was solved with the build we sent you? Wasn't it?
      We aren't aware of any crash problems in that release we sent? Can we get more detail?
      We also aren't aware of any problem with the filter function not exporting the data you want.

      I'll E-mail you, as these sound like fairly minor issues that are easy to solve if we have the details.

      Update: This change to RegEx is also in the V1.2 public release.