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    I have a problem with the latest version of OSFMount, I am running XP SP3 with resticted accounts (Power user and Users) OSFMount works fine as an admin account. When I run as either of the restricted account I get "Error OSFMount unable to load driver". The OSFMount folder in program files has users permissions set to full as well. It is a permission issue as it works as admin. Also if I log on as admin and mount an image then log off and log on as a restricted user I am still able to mount an image, but when I log off it is back as it was, not working?

    Any ideas, I guess most of you guys work as admins and not as resticted account. Runas is not an option.
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    A device driver is required to create a disk device in the operating system.
    Admin permission is required to load the device driver.
    There isn't anything we can do to change this operating system security requirement.