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identifying when an invoice was printed

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  • identifying when an invoice was printed

    I am using your free version on the software.
    Great product.
    How do I find out when an invoice was been printed?
    Date & time

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    What type of document was it that was printed? For example was it a print job from a Word document, or might it have been a print from a web page or some custom accounting software? Was it a fax? It if was printed from a browser then maybe you can check the URL history to find a probable date & time.

    What type of printer was it? Do you have access to the printer. Some higher end printers keep some logs (especially of faxes).

    Did you have a look in the print spool folder,
    Maybe you can undelete some files from this folder.

    Also there is an option in Windows for logging print jobs to local printers (doesn't seem to work for networked printers). It logs each print to the Windows event system log. So this is worth checking as well. See,