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osfclone with optional ddrescue

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  • osfclone with optional ddrescue

    is it maybe plane for future to image or clone with osfclone, but get option for use gnu ddrescue instead dd , for bad discs, to get most of data, if any is it plan for get something like menu for dd, similar for ddrescue text menu, for automating hdd-s choice and otion for run ddrescue, i think that would be great idea.
    p.s. ddrescue is for recovery, but not always imaging god hdd, but bad (few or more bad sectors...)

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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    We aren't actually using the stock standard version of dd in OSFClone.
    We are using dc3dd which already includes some of the error recovery functions of ddrescue.

    ddrescue does however have a lot of additional functions, which might be useful for some people doing data recovery.

    We have made a note of the request and will consider it when we do the next major release. (Of course being open source, means that someone else could also just add it in beforehand).