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Feature Request: Ability to sort by bookmarks

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  • Feature Request: Ability to sort by bookmarks

    I'm working on a case now that involves scrolling/scanning a fair amount of files and photos. My way of doing things is to identify the file I'm interested in and then export it to the case. What I'm currently doing is to flag (bookmark) each of the files, and when I get to the end, go back again and highlight each one to export into the case. This procedure works fine for a couple hundred files, but get old and redundant when going through a couple thousand (or more.)

    What I'd like to be able to do is sort by bookmarks in any screen where sorting is allowed. That would help a lot.


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    Yes, this would be nice to have.

    What would also be nice would be the ability to add files to the case directly from the list of bookmarks. At the moment you can view a list of current bookmarks from the "Manage Case" window, but can't do much from there except view the list and open the files.

    We'll see if we can get it into the V1.2 release.


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      This feature is now (partially) implemented in the V1.2 beta release.

      From the File Name Search module you can sort by bookmark.

      From the Manage Case window you can now view a list of bookmarks & right click on a bookmark to directly add the bookmarked file to a case.


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        Are you looking at incorporating the feature in the index search also? Really, anything you can do from the File Name Search you should be able to do from the Index Search.


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          To keep the size of the index reasonable we don't store all the file attributes directly in the index. So we can't have an identical set of sorting criteria in the two modules (at least not without a lot of coding and increase in the index size & indexing time).

          I think bookmarks is possible however. I'll check.


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