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Crash on recent activity search.

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  • Crash on recent activity search.

    My box is Win 10 64bit if I perform a recent activity search either live or scan drive c: with all other settings default it crashes."An error occurred reading Edge information, Couldnt create a temporary shadow copy of edge database file." I ran in debug mode, and have uploaded the log.
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    If you go into the recent activity config, uncheck all and then only select the"Application prefetch" option do you still get the crash when running the scan?
    If check all the options and then uncheck all the browser related ones (history, bookmarks, cookies, form history, downloads) do you still get a crash?


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      On application prefech only, it crashes. With all browser options unchecked, it crashes.In both these scenarios it does not give the edge error.


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        Thanks for testing that, that confirms the crash is occurring the application prefetch section so we'll look into adding some more debugging around this area.

        The edge error is due to the shadow copy process failing, how large is the C:\Documents and Settings\xrenx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Web Cache\WebCacheV01.dat file?
        Is there plenty of free space available on the C: drive for temp files to be created?
        Do you see the edge error when "live scan" is selected (not the scan drive C: option)?


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          We have added some more debugging information around the prefetch scan, could you please install this build, launch it in debug mode and then do a recent activity scan with only the "Application prefetch" option enabled and send us the debug log again.