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Error importing registry to OSF 5.1

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  • Error importing registry to OSF 5.1

    I have two registry files, one from a Win7 client the other Win10 saved in .reg format and neither will open. The error displayed is "Could not open file, it does not appear to be a registry file." I can open the registry for the system OSF is loaded on. I ran OSF in debug mode and the file is attached.
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    Registry files don't normally have a .REG file name extension.
    Either they have no file name extension, or a .DAT extension.

    The log makes no mention of .reg files. So I don't think the log will help.

    For example,
    C:\Users\Default User\NTUSER.DAT

    I suspect your Reg files might be an export file from RegEdit (and not a copy of the actual registry file). The export files from RegEdit are in plain text. So any text editor can be used to view them. You don't need a special Registry viewer.


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      Thanks David! The note I got with the files said "binary .reg files with all hives". You are correct and it's my fault for not checking.