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  • No button to interrupt Search index

    In case searching is taking too long, you can't interrupt it.
    Even exit from application is not available, only option is kill instance via task manager.

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    If you are just doing a single search, then there is no stop button. The reason being is that even a fairly long search should only take seconds.

    If you are doing a bulk word search then there is a stop button, as this can take minutes.

    How big was your index?
    What hardware are you running this on (CPU, RAM, type of hard drive used to hold the case data)?

    You should also have a look at the Alpha release of OSF2.0
    Search times can be significantly faster after the initial search.


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      After starting search based on multiple selection in Browse Index, this the screenshot of performing task:

      As you can notice there is no interrupt button.

      Used latest version and same in alpha-beta release.


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        OK, I see what you mean now.

        The behaviour should be the same as for a word list file. But it isn't. We'll fix it up before the final V2.0 release.


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          This was fixed internally today.
          The fix will be in the next V2.0 beta release. Probably next week.