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Extraction and Recovery of Deleted Office365 Emails

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  • Extraction and Recovery of Deleted Office365 Emails

    Passmark Team,

    I wanted to compliment you on OSForensics' ability to recover and display deleted emails from PST files downloaded from Office365.

    I am performing forensic analysis in an internal investigation and have downloaded 167 gigabytes of compressed Outlook PST files from my client's Office365 account from seven custodians.

    Neither Internet Evidence Finder nor Forensic Explorer were able to display deleted and "recovered" email test from within the downloaded PST files; only OSForensics had this capability.

    To be clear, I rely heavily upon, and find both Internet Evidence Finder and Forensic Explorer indispensable to my work as a forensic professional; I always create multiple forensic databases using multiple tools in order to compare the results as a best practice.

    However, out of my three tools, only OSForensics was able to display text from emails located in the PST files "recovered" folders; the individuals being investigated had deleted many emails and the emails OSForensics was able to recover proved very important.

    I was able to create HTML reports of the key deleted emails and then enable my investigation colleagues to use the reports in their interviews of the custodians being investigated.

    OSForensics was my first forensic software purchase and I am a proud OSForensics Certified Examiner.

    Please keep up the good work!

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    Thanks for the positive feedback.