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    Passmark team - I was able to successfully use OSForensics to capture multiple different websites for a client project. Thank you very much for building an outstanding tool that has so many highly effective capabilities.

    Perhaps I am not familiar with the correct steps to follow, but among the website information I needed to capture, I had to download a video file. I used KeepVid Studio's KeepVid Pro v7.3.0 to download the video successfully but would rather use OSForensics if OSForensics has this capability.

    Also, there were two PDF files embedded in one of the websites I captured -KeepVid Pro was able to download the embedded PDF files, but I would rather use OSForensics to download embedded content (such as the two PDF files).

    Can OSF download embedded video and PDF files and I am just missing the correct method to do so?

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    At the moment the web browser won't collect PDF and videos. But we'll make a note of the request for V6.
    (some video files might be hard to collect, if for example, they are embedded from other sites, but we'll have a look at it).


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      If you add the download feature, it would be helpful to have a log generated which includes the MD5 hash value of the files to be downloaded from a given website and then also MD5 hash values of the files downloaded by OSF including the dates and times downloaded.


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        Hashing and dating happen automatically as you add items to the case.


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          This is a great feature! As an addition, it would be nice to see it with all pages in a single PDF. Easy enough to do later on in Adobe though.