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OSFMount forwarding I/O Like ImDisk?

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  • OSFMount forwarding I/O Like ImDisk?


    Is it possible to forward I/O requests to a user-space process like with the ImDisk forwarding API? I know OSFMount is a fork of ImDisk, but I don't know if this is possible?

    I need to forward I/O requests, but I cannot use ImDisk as that driver does not support full block devices, only volumes, and as such the drive does not appear to exist as far as disk management MMC applet and other software is concerned. Is something like this possible with ImDisk?


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    I/O forwarding isn't something we have looked at.
    For 99% of people having a virtual volume is enough. There isn't much advantage in having a virtual physical drive if you have the volume..


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      Thanks for your response.

      My volume is in an esoteric compressed format, and while I can decompress it to a raw format, the result will be over 281TB (2^48 bytes) and I can't store that anywhere reasonable. In the end, I couldn't find any easy way to solve my problem with any existing tools, so I wrote my own little filesystem driver using winfsp to solve my problem by presenting my volume as a virtual VMDK file dynamically, which I could then mount as a physical disk inside a vmware workstation VM and perform my data recovery there. It took several hours, but it worked perfectly.