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  • RAM Usage

    OSF is using lots of RAM. Any way to limit this system behaviour?

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    OSF does use RAM. So does every application. You can't run software without loading it into RAM.

    We haven't seen any excessive usage. How much RAM was being used, are you talking about physical RAM or virtual RAM, is this on 32bit or 64bit, how much RAM is in your machine, what activities were you doing in OSF (not a large RAM disk I assume) & what is the size of your swap file?


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      Thank god OSF is using RAM

      But its using lots of ram. Up to 6 GB physical memory on an 8 GB (RAM) Win 7 system (64-bit). I am analyzing ext4 images (imaged as e01) mainly using "File Name Search" and "File System Browser". Files are opened with Internal Viewer. Using "Deleted Files Search" crashes OSF.
      Size of swap is 8 GB (configured by system).

      Best regards


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        How are you measuring the 6GB figure? There are about half a dozen different ways to measure RAM usage as they'll all give difference answers. The 6GB might for example include the disk cache, which will expand (and contract) as required.

        How large is the EXT4 image?

        For the crash. What version of OSF are you using?
        If you are using the latest release can you send us a debug log while running the Deleted file search.