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Script and run remote from network share

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  • David (PassMark)
    There is no silent collection mode. So if the users are in front of the computer they'll see the forensics software running.

    Although there is some scripting features in the system information module. There is also no overall scripting language.

    Best bet would be remote desktop (if that is an option) after hours.

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  • hitman
    started a topic Script and run remote from network share

    Script and run remote from network share

    I have a 12+ workstations that I need to review at various locations. Is there a way to create a script of the items I need to collect then have it run from a server share? By default all USB ports are disabled on workstations but I am assuming I can run the USB files from a server share but is there a way to script the information gathering so that I can do it remotely without the users knowing?