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Cannot mount vhdx file from Windows Backup - Parameter is incorrect

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  • Cannot mount vhdx file from Windows Backup - Parameter is incorrect

    I was able to mount a vhdx file from a Windows backup from an external hd, but couldn't recover the files because I didn't have enough space on the drive. Bought a new external hd, but now when I try to mount the vhdx file, it says, "It's inaccessible, parameter is incorrect." I can mount other image files using ofs. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Are you using OSFMount or OSForensics? What version are you using?
    What mounting options did you select?
    How are the external drives connected to the PC? (eSATA, USB, Network?)
    Are you sure the drive wasn't locked by some other software. Doesn't hurt to reboot the machine and try again as this will free any locks.


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      I am using the latest version of both mount and forensics. I get the same message, drive is inaccessible...parameter is incorrect. It seems like many people have problems with Windows backup images. External drives are connected via usb. Not sure what mounting options I'm using but using default selections after loading it from location of the image.


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        Sorry, when I first read this post I thought you were referring to a VMWare image, VMDK. My bad.
        We don't support mounting Window's backup files at the moment. But it is trivial to mount them via Windows itself (or at least it should be).


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          When I try to mount using Windows, none of the images are available for me to select. I'm pretty sure I was able to mount the vhdx file with ofsmount in the past.