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Windows Login Passwords Error

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  • Windows Login Passwords Error

    Trying to recover Windows login information going to Passwords/Windows Login Passwords/Live Acquisition of Current Machine. When I click on the Retrive Hashes I get the following error:
    "An error occurred when setting permissions for ASPnet - 0". Works fine on other systems, cannot find anything referencing this error.

    This is on a Windows 2003 Standard edition SP2
    Running version 2.0 1003

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    This error is thrown when OSF tries to set permissions on a registry key.
    Each user on the machine has an entry here in the Windows registry.
    So in this case it wasn't possible to set the required permissions for the 'ASPnet' user.

    We aren't sure why this is the case. It might be a Windows 2003 thing, or it might be something special related to this particular machine. We will do some more testing on W2003, but we won't be able to do this until next week.

    A possible short term solution might be to take a disk image for the machine, then attempt to recover the hashes from the image. As it is normally easier to set or avoid permissions on a disk image compare to a live machine.