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Can't mount .DD

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  • Can't mount .DD

    SO all my files from my hard drive before it was wiped was put in to a .DD because that was the only way i could save the files.
    I want to use OSF mount to extract the files from the .DD so i can put them back on my hard drive.
    when i mount the drive it is mounted with all the default settings and the file system is HFS
    when i go to open it i get a message that says "you need to format the disk in drive J before you can use it" i obviously don't want to format it because then i loose all the files i tried to extract.
    The external hard drive itself is in a windows files system.
    but obviously the .DD image is going to be a mac file system. So i really have no clue what i'm suppose to do here.
    I really need those files.

    Also the .dd on my external was copied over from someone else's hard drive who has the original .DD file but i don't think me copying the file over to my external hard drive would effect the .dd file.
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    As the file system is being reported as HFS, I assume the machine from which you took the .dd image was a Mac?

    It should be no surprise that a Windows machine doesn't recognize a Mac drive. You would get the same result if you physically removed the drive from the Mac and put it into a Windows machine.

    I further assume you are trying to get the files back onto another new Mac machine, via Windows?

    The solution is to either,
    A) Use some other tool(s) to mount the .dd image on a new Mac, and avoid the step of going through Windows.
    B) Use a tool or additional device driver on Windows that can read files from a HFS file system. Our OSForensics software will read Mac drives on windows. But there are other as well.


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      After looking at OSFforensics for a while i couldn't figure out how i get it to read HFS
      do you think you could walk me through the steps please.


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        • Download and install OSF.
        • In the left menu, click on "Manage Case" and make a new case. Don't worry about the actual details too much.
        • Then in the left menu, pick the "File System Browser"
        • Then select the HFS "image file" that you made & click OK
        • You should then be able to browse the image file.
        • You can right click on a file to save it to another drive.


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          i did this and when i go to "save file to disk" it tells me "a directory can't be created" and it only copies folders over to my other drive.
          This is strange because a while back i had used this method with the same .DD image and things extracted.

          Any solutions?


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            Maybe you don't have permission to create files / folders in the destination folder you selected. (e.g. maybe the destination disk is read only).