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OSFMount - Read (and write) Android System Image file (system.img)

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  • OSFMount - Read (and write) Android System Image file (system.img)

    Is there any plan to improve OSFMount to read (and write) Androdi System Image file (system.img)?I tested with current version and it didn't recognzie system.img.Thanks.

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    With OSFMount there should be no problem to mount the image.
    What you will find however it that Windows doesn't know how to deal with the Android file system (which is EXT4 I think) after it has been mounted. So you'll get a message like, 'do you wish to format the drive' from Windows.

    However you can use OSForensics to open and browse EXT4 disk images directly.

    If you can point me to a example system.img file, I can download it and test it out.


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      My scope is to mount the unit amnd make changes on it (not using Linux but Windows).

      For example Diskinternals Linux Reader mount correctly system.img and provide me the option to read/exctract file in one single app.

      Why Windows didn't recognize EXT4 system img?
      What's I can do to use in write mode the image?


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        Mount images can only be accessible in Windows if the file system is supported by Window's built-in file system drivers. As ext4 support is not included in a built-in file system driver, it will not be recognized in Windows. It is possible, however, to install 3rd party file system drivers so that file systems such as ext4 can be accessible.