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    Are you going to update Volatility 3 1.0.1 for Volatility Workbench?
    thank you very much for the software

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    We are already using Volatility At least that was what is called at the time. But their old numbing doesn't seem to make sense in the context of their new numbering from the last few months. I also note that they haven't been able to get it working on Windows as a binary. "Windows binary versions will be added once a solution has been found to all pyinstaller packages being identified as malware".

    But yes, we are a few months behind and it needs to be updated. It is on out to do list.


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      Are you going to update Volatility 3 2.0.0 for Volatility Workbench?
      thank you very much for the software

      Volatility 3 2.0.0 Latest
      released this 16 days ago

      Highlights for this release:

      New plugins such as:
      Windows networking plugins
      Windows crashinfo and skeleton_key_check
      Linux kmsg plugin
      New layers: AVML and LeechCore
      QEMU layer performance optimization
      Improved access to Windows library symbols
      Better offline and remote support
      Improved documentation
      Improved working with python requirements
      Drop support for python 3.5


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        According to their web site V3.1 is current. (which now confusingly seems to be called, Volatility 3 v1.0.0)

        But yes, this doesn't match Github, which has Volatility 3 v2.0.0

        Still doesn't seem to be any Windows executable binary either.

        We'll have a look at it when we get time.