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    Hello friends -

    I love OS Forensics and use it on literally every case of mine - your "recent activities" feature has proven its worth time and time again.

    I would pay a couple grand for official training and certification if you get around to creating a certification process.

    Regards -

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    We have been preparing some high level training course material, with the idea we'd just make it public (for free).

    The High Tech Crime Institute Inc (HTCI) in Florida has also run a few courses. And we had a local trainer who has been willing to take on groups on a ad-hoc basis.

    What we don't have at the moment are scheduled courses. Nor an official certificate type of course.

    You'll also be pleased to know the recent activity module had a new user interface added in release V3.1, and that we have a few new additions (to extract additional data) coming in the next patch release.