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Your software is impossible to use for BLIND PERSON

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  • Your software is impossible to use for BLIND PERSON

    I've been trying to use OSFMount, and many of the choices you've made for the user interface make it absolutely unusable to a blind person.

    --black text on a white background - this is a big NO-NO. Always use a dark theme... white text on a black background (for me, looking at your config screen, it's like staring at the sun).
    --very small fonts, I can't read that, even if the screen were inverted
    --defaults not selected already to create a formatted RAMdriver of X GB (imagine someone who can do nothing but click through with the NEXT button: i.e., me)
    --the settings for the last drive setup are not saved when you close the app; I actually used it successfully to create a ramdrive, only, I have to repeat this guessing process every time I start the app afresh.... why? why isn't the last drive I created... saved.. to remount o recreate?
    --I'm not sure why you default to MB instead of GB for ramdrive increment size...

    I'm going to have to start trying other software because I just can't get past these UI issues when trying to use your software
    I'm sure it's good software, it works as advertised fine... but the UI... it's the worst for someone who is visually impaired.

    All I got to say, if nothing else, for all of your software, always a DARK THEME by default. Not old schoool machintosh black text on white background.....

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    If you are doing the same thing each time, just write a command line script.

    Example, a 1GB RAM Drive -a -t vm -m #: -o format:"RAM Volume" -s 1G