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  • OSForensics Forensic Imaging Speeds

    The forensic disk imaging feature in OSForensics was overhauled for V9. In recent testing, we were able to outperform several other commercial forensics tools who have claimed to have the fastest imaging solution on the market. One of these tools claimed the "world's fastest title" by reaching an imaging speed of 1.5GB/sec while imaging a high-speed disk with no hashing or compression being used. They also required the use of 3-5 portable SSD drives and only achieved these speeds by writing the image file out to these multiple end-points. OSForensics was able to surpass this speed by hitting 1.78GB/sec peak speeds while imaging a 512GB SSD disk. We also maintained an average speed of 1.7GB/sec and completed the imaging task in just over 4 minutes AND we did so without needing multiple endpoints to write the image out to. We also managed to achieve these speeds with SHA-1 hashing enabled! You can learn more and watch the entire imaging process on our YouTube channel.

    - Jeff S.
    PassMark Software