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OSFMount V3.1.1000 driver not working

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  • OSFMount V3.1.1000 driver not working

    Attempting to use Physical Disk Emulation In OSFMount V3.1.1000 produces following dialogue boxes:
    - Opening the OSFDisk Driver
    - The OSFMount Driver was loaded
    - The version of the OSFMount Driver (V0.0.0000) installed on this system does not match the version of this control program (V1.0.0006). Please reinstall OSFMount to make sure that all components of it on thys system are from the same install package.

    Windows 7 x64
    Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted

    Have never installed OSFMount before
    Driver present in Device Manager
    Attached Files

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    It isn't a known problem. But on the other hand only 1.5% of people are now using Win7 and we stopped doing any testing on Win7 a while ago.

    Is this Win7 SP1 (i.e. all the latest service packs and patches)?


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      It's SP1 but lacks the more recent Microsoft patches. It has KB3033929 and KB2921916 cited as needed to fix past OSFMount driver errors.

      I wonder if downgrading to OSF V2.0 would fix my problem.