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Feature Request: imageUSB (Generate MD5/SHA1 Checksum from USB drive)

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  • Feature Request: imageUSB (Generate MD5/SHA1 Checksum from USB drive)

    I'm using imageUSB to "write image to USB drive" with "Post Image Verification" selected.
    With Post Image Verification selected the logs include the MD5 and SHA1 of both the file being imaged as well as the USB key. This is great.

    I'd like an option, in the Step 2 dialog, where I can request to just have the MD5/SHA1 performed on the USB KEY selected. Perhaps call it "Generate MD5/SHA1 Checksum from USB drive"

    I've tried using dd in linux piping to md5sum/sha1sum to try and recreate reading the device and generating the same MD5/SHA1, but it never seems to match.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    I found my problem verifying the md5sum and sha1sum in linux. I needed the product of the dd parameters bs and count to equal the total number of bytes in the original usb image. So my previous request may need to ask for the number of bytes to verify.