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OSFMount: mounting virtual disks

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  • OSFMount: mounting virtual disks

    I installed OSFMount v1.5 (1015)

    1. when trying to mount a VMDK file I get an error: "Error creating virtual disk: An attached device is not working"
    2. is it possible to mount a VMDK as physical disk (like is it possible using FTK imager)? No mounting to a local drive letter.

    thanks for your support

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    Is their any chance we could get a copy of the VMDK file to investigate?

    OSFMount will only mount images to a drive letter. You can't mount the image as a disk (with no drive letter). But as an alternative, by using OSForensics you can directly open images, without mounting it.


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      Sorry, I can't send you these files...
      Is OSFMount generating some logs?
      I get this error with all VMDK files I exported... (with FTK imager it's ok). But since I am looking for a solution the mount such files using command line I found OSFMount (commandline should be possible, correct?). Physically mounted is nice because I also have the unalloced space.
      I know OSForensics, but I need to mount the virtual disks for further investigations with our image and video database program.


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        Can you describe in detail how you created the image VMDK file.
        What software, what version, what process, etc..

        Can you also describe the image itself. What size, what file system, if there are partitions, etc..


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          I have not created these VMDK files. I only have the physical disk with these files.
          The files are either single files between 8 and 140 GB or splitted files with up to 30 files with 2 GB each.
          Most of them have 2 or 3 NTFS partitions, Windows 7, 8.1 or 10