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Deselecting Multiple Selections

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  • Deselecting Multiple Selections

    Newby question. How do you unselect or deselect multiple lines? I'm looking at the browser history and highlighted 10 lines, which were automatically checked. I then moved down lower in my list and wanted to select another range of data. When I selected the first line, then pressed shift and select 7 lines, OSF checked every line between the ones I had previously checked (higher in the list). I can't seem to find a way to either undo my last selection, or uncheck multiple lines without unselecting all of the lines i have checked. I looked through the help menu and didn't find anything to address this. Please help.

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    Hold both the SHIFT and CTRL keys, then click on an row with the mouse. This will untick all items in the range.
    (you can also use the keyboard up and down arrows while holding the SHIFT and CTRL keys to quickly unselect 100s of records)