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OFSMount for Win10 TEMP and Paging File

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  • OFSMount for Win10 TEMP and Paging File

    Is it possible for OFSMount to auto load at system boot, to allow for the TEMP, TMP and Pagefile.sys to reside on a ram disk?
    The reason is avoiding endless chatty writes to the SSD holding the sysvol.

    I'm tinkering with OFSMount on a Xeon 8/16 with 96gb of ECC ram, and it works a treat.
    It is simple to use, easy to operate and very effective.

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    There is no built in function in OSFMount to launch at boot.
    But it shouldn't be so hard to manually set this up. Windows provides several different mechanisms for loading programs at boot time.
    Unsure if it is possible to do this before the paging file is used however.


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      I can experiment with the RUN key to see if it will run that way.
      The manual .COM file is probably ideal for this, being simpler than an .EXE type.


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        Yes, definitely can do for TEMP & TMP environment variables.

        I do this via PowerShell script:

        Start-Process "C:\Program Files\OSFMount\" -ArgumentList "-a -t vm -m z: -o format:exfat:RAMDisk -s 1G" -NoNewWindow -Wait

        This mounts a z:\ drive with size of 1GB - change as desired accordingly.

        I then changed my TEMP & TMP user environment variables to z:\TEMP.