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  • Download previous version of OSFMount

    Is it possible to get a previous version of OSFMount. I need to check something about MBR signatures that I'm getting error message with newest version so I'd like to download v3.1.1000


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    No. OSFMount doesn't really do anything with MBR signatures (which is just two bytes of a fixed value in the MBR)?


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      Hi David,
      When I try to moung a .img file using Physical disk emulation I get the following error
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2023-06-09 150701.png
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      It works when I uncheck the Read Only option but I need to have the mounted images as Read Only.

      On a second system I have the same issue but when I uncheck the Read Only it mounts but does not assign a drive letter.

      In the change log for the newest version it states the fllowing
      • Display error when mounting physical disk with invalid MBR disk signature
      ​I was hoping to get a previous version before this was added so I could check if it would work



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        I am fairly sure that change in the release notes was just to display an error message. The error always happened, but it would be the difference between a silent failure and a failure with an error message.

        Also the signature section of the MBR might not be bad. This was just an example of what can be bad in a MBR. There are many other ways a MDR can be wrong.

        But the MBR structure is very well documented and not very big. You can go through it byte by byte and check it.

        What you might find however is that there is no MBR at all. Maybe the image was just a partition image and not a full disk image. Or maybe it was a GPT disk and not MBR?

        If no drive letter is assigned then there might also be no file system that Windows knows about. e.g. it was an image from a Linux machine with a EXT file system, which Windows can't use.